Prepare SD Card System OS Image

<1> Write image to SD card
On Windows:
On Linux:
<2> Configuring WiFi access

BH debian jessie rootfs supports wifi module with rtl8188eu chipset. So far we had only tested TP-Link W725N USB WiFi dongle. The WiFi dongle is configed in SoftAP mode by default. To connect your PC on SmartPhone to Bh board, you just do

If you’d like to connect your raspberry pi 2 board(with WiFi dongle) to your home wireless network, you just do

BH debian jessie rootfs also installed with avahi-daemon, which allow your to easy access to your raspberry pi 2 board with hostname “bithollow.local” from your PC or SmartPhone.If you access from Window, you need to install Apple’s Bonjour service ahead. If from linux, you need to “apt-get install avahi-daemon”. No software pre-install is required for Mac.

<3> Configuring Ethernet access

Ethernet is configed in “Manual” mode by default(To reduce debian bootup time). If you’d like to access your raspberry pi 2 board, you have to set Ethernet to “DHCP” mode in /home/bit/bh_daemon/config/interfaces.softap or /home/bit/bh_daemon/config/interfaces.station according to your WiFi dongle working mode(SoftAP or Station?). Then reboot your raspberrry board. From this onward, the ethernet interface eth0 will be brought up during board power on. After that, you are able to access raspberry board with it’s IP or hostname “bithollow.local”, the same as WiFi access.