Welcome to BitHollow

A small organization dedicate to develop robotics. We are picturing a better world with automated robot friends by our side. Free mankind from their unwilling works.

Mission / Vision / Values

Founders of BitHollow are always holding back their discusstion about this, they have no clue where they are heading to.

BH Pilot

BH Pilot is a HAT of RaspberryPi 2, together they are capable of piloting drones, rovers etc. With various sensors equipped, BH makes RaspberryPi 2 alive to the real world.

Hardware spec

  • MPU9250
  • UBlox NEO M8N
  • MS5611
  • PCA9685
  • DS1339
  • RGBLed & Single color leds
  • I2C/SPI/UART extension ports

Software spec

  • Linux 4.6.5 + Preempt RT 4.6.5 rt9
  • Debian Jessie armv7a hf
  • ArduPilot 3.6-dev

Authors and Contributors

  • April 2015, Aaron Wang Shi (@onceme), Cao Fei(@droneboost), Li Wei Feng (@muzi-15) started BitHollow, don’t look down upon them, they might be the rulers of this galaxy in the upcoming 50 years.

Support or Contact

  • Report issues of BH here, the wiki for developer and users